Support & FAQ

Our Service

1. Where Do We Take the Laundry?

We deliver and process the laundry in top-notch Laundryhero facility.

2. Do I Get to Keep My Laundryhero Bags?

Yes you may. Fill it up again for your next order.

3. What If My Laundry Needs Special Care?

No sweat. Whether it's a cold wash or a special detergent, we got it covered. Just add it to the special care notes on your order form or tell your hero when they arrive for pickup.

4. Do You Offer Special Detergent?

We offer free & clear detergent, a scentless, dye free detergent for sensitive and/or allergy prone skin.

5. Rescheduling A Pickup or Drop off

Miss your appointment or simply have to change the time of an existing appointment? Contact [email protected] with your desired new time and we'll do our best to make it happen.

How to Order

1. How Do I Place An Order?

Insert your postcode at the search bar provided in main page. If it’s available, it will bring you straight to registration page and proceed according to the easy 2 minutes steps. If not, you will be prompted to select your location.

2. What Happens If My Location is Not Covered?

No sweat. Register your interest with us, and we will take note of it. We should be in your area, really soon!

3. What Happens After I Click On Submit Order?

Easy! Just sit back and chillax. You will receive a confirmation email from a hero.

The Basics

1. What We Do

Well, we make your life easier by not having to get to the laundry. Laundryhero offers premier services, pickup, delivery and a speedy turnaround on every order, all for the same price as your local laundry.

2. Sign-up

Create an account via our site at All we need is your email and address. Once we have that it’s all smooth sailing and clean laundry.

3. Requesting a Pickup

Schedule a pickup in just a few clicks via the order form on our website. A hero will arrive within a 30 minute time window, selected by you.

4. Contact Us

Questions, changes, compliments and concerns can all be directed to [email protected] We promise one of our support heroes will get back to you in a flash.

My Pickup And Delivery

1. My First Pickup

Gather your items in a huge garbage or laundry bag. Your Hero will arrive with a Laundryhero bag, for wash and fold. If your items are in garbage bags, we can place the bags into the Laundryhero bags for you. Please submit your special requests if you have any regarding detergent, treatment, damaged items etc.

2. Do I Need To Separate My Laundry?

Yes. If you have special instructions for certain items like colours, please separate them in separate bags. These will be included in separate Laundryhero bags as well.

3. Any Reminders?

Oh yes! Heroes are meant to save the world, and we know you are busy creatures. An email will be sent to you on the pickup/delivery date and a SMS will be sent to you 3 hours before our hero arrives.


1. Prices

Unlike regular laundries, your jaw will never fall to the floor when you get your Laundryhero total. Not only do we offer market standard pricing, but we post all of our prices here, so you know what you are paying for.

2. Tipping

No need to search your pockets for a tip, we take good care of our heroes.

3. Billing

You will be charged base on the weight as agreed upon picking up. Cash payment will be made to us upon delivering your order. No cards accepted at the mean time.

4. Order Minimum

Laundryhero enforces a RM 20 order minimum.

5. Coupons

Coupon codes can be applied any time before order delivery. To apply the coupon, go to settings, to apply. Our heroes will be aware of your discount when picking up, and advice you as well.

My Account


1. Lost your password? Email [email protected] with the subject line LOST PASSWORD and a support hero will take care of it. Alternatively, click on the Forgot Password below the login page.